Ep. 73: The Trial of the Theater Kid

This week, we investigate the recent destigmatization of theater kid energy and its resurgence in mass culture, from musical-movie adaptations to the irresistible charms of improv-trained comedians. We discuss the peak of the NBC fandom, the timelessness of "difficult" leading ladies, star factories such as SNL and NYU Tisch, the ineffability of theatrical sexuality, the rise of craft and tryhardism, and more. 

Image board
Renee Rapp on Call Her Daddy
SNL 1975 (upcoming SNL movie)
Ariana Grande - yes, and? (Official Music Video)
Audio-Visual Cocktail Party by Steven Phillips-Horst for Spike Magazine (on late night shows)
Paloma Diamond is Winning Awards Season – Vulture
Power Bottoms: The NYU classmates behind the year’s most delightfully dumb comedy – Vulture
NYU brainstorming sesh for Bottoms
Tina Fey clip that came out after we recorded this episode?!

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