To mog, or not to mog ... This week, we take a trip to the Mogwarts School of Profound Self-Improvement to check in on the next generation of looksmaxxers and their charismatic leader, Kareem Shami. We discuss key figures of the male beauty pantheon—male models Jordan Barrett, Chico Lachowski, and Sean O'Pry— and discover what they represent to young men today. We also dive into the dark history of looksmaxxing, from the Legend of Zyzz to the alleged crimes of orthotropic madman Dr. Mike Mew.

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Young Men Seek Answers to an Age-Old Question: How to Be Hot – New York Times
Mogwarts Official Website
Kareem Shami aka @syrianpsycho on TikTok
Inside Jordan Barrett And Fernando Casablancas’s Celebration Of Love In Ibiza – Vogue
Dr. Mike Mew Tribunal – The Guardian
More Dr. Mew evidence – BBC
Mikhaila Peterson interview with Dr. Mike Mew
Weston A. Price research overview (see "Our Children" section)
The Legend of Zyzz video essay
"full looksmaxxing playist" on YouTube

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