In this episode, we expand on the edgy, high-octane aesthetic of the Harley Davidson Harlot. From the checkerboard-and-flames motif of the 2010s to the 2020 revival of Diesel under Glenn Martens to Kylie Jenner's new clothing venture Khy, we chronicle fashion's obsession with all things moto-inspired ... and evaluate the dystopian implications of this petrochemical path. On this journey, we encounter Che Guevera and Julia Fox, uniform fetishism, the BP oil spill, Global South cyberpunk, and much more.

Image board
Khy by Kylie Jenner
Betsy Johnson's Khy callout posts
Motorbike culture in the Global South: Vietnam, Brazil, Kenya
The Importance of the African Motorcycle in Art
Kim Kardashian in Chrome Hearts
How Glenn Martens Saved Diesel from its Midlife Crisis
Diesel's Daily African print campaign (2001)
An Incomplete History of the Akira Bike Slide
Apple's Mother Nature report starring Octavia Spencer
Azealia Banks' Yeezy Modular Survival Kit
Prix Workshop

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