In this week's episode, we ring in the upcoming Thanksgiving season and its assorted fashion implications, from the domestic humiliation of living room glam to the mercantile hysteria of Black Friday shopping. Does the donning of brown leather subliminally evoke the turkey and/or football? How does Thanksgiving day become a social minefield of gendered and generational tensions? We also reflect on the visual monoculture of Thanksgiving Americana— Charlie Brown, Norman Rockwell, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade— and the genealogy of the boot known as the "Pilgrim Stepper."

Image board
The Pilgrim Stepper meme
Iconic Macy's Thansgiving Parade moments
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade wiki
Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving proclamation
Eli Roth's Thanksgiving trailer (2023)
Eli Roth's fake Thanksgiving trailer (2017)
Pilgrim style on the runway – Vogue

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