In this Patreon exclusive, we three podcastresses embark on an experimental journey into the world of live event recording. Graciously sponsored by NUTS, a new fashion publication by Richard Turley, we spend hours circling through a variety of eccentric guests: veritable style icons, industrious businesswomen, editorial masterminds, friends both old and new. We ask hard-hitting questions, ponder the meaning of life, distribute candy, correctly identify the members of the Antwerp Six (finally), all under the scrutiny of a live audience.

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Isabelle Rea, 00:00-08:45
Mika Kol, 10:39-20:15
Violet Handforth, 20:20-26:43
Alex Hodor Lee, 26:45-42:40
Perla Haney-Jardine, 42:45-1:21:00
Richard Turley, 1:21:51-1:34:20
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