In this ambitious follow-up to last year's viral Blokette episode, we hereby announce the second coming of sporty-cute style: Broquette, an All-American, booze-soaked celebration of athleticism, youth, and hedonism. We chart the rise and fall of Bro culture and explain how Bros invented the media landscape of the Internet as we know it. Through discussions of white rappers, boat shoes, Greek life, and more, we predict that sleaze is on the decline and raunch is on its way back up.

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Thousands of College Kids Paid to Work for a Viral Party Kingpin. What Could Go Wrong? - The New York Times
How to trick people into thinking you're good looking - Jenna Marbles
I Love College - Asher Roth
Jordan Belfort - Wes Walker feat. Dyl
Dude, Here's My Book - The New York Times
The Four Basic Aspects of Being a Bro - NPR
All ERL Collections - Vogue Runway
The Label Giving Prep a Saucy Makeover - Vogue (Raimundo Langlois profile)
The Rise of the Portmanbro - Oxford Dictionaries

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